Where have you been Minecraft?

⏩ Where have you been Minecraft?


How do you unlock it? What have you done? In the most prestigious achievement in Minecraft, in the early morning hours, players get the gift of a well-behaved cat. It’s worth 20 Gamerscore. True Achievements

Today I’m going to take you through a fast method of obtaining a “Where have you been?” achievement in Minecraft’s 1.8 Cats and Pandas update.

Minecraft: Where are you? -YouTube.

Where are you? achievement within Minecraft (Gear VR) (Android). 1: by ItzzSh0wt1m3 Where have you been? Achievement for Minecraft (Windows Mobile) 1:

Where are you? Achievements that aren’t unlocked in Minecraft. I have a cat, and if it’s crucial, it’s not an ocelot, but each time I’ve met the requirements of sleeping, even when the cat is not in a sitting position, it’ll bring me random things, but I haven’t yet achieved the achievement. My world isn’t full of cheating techniques, and I’ve earned the majority of my accomplishments in the world.

Feed an uncooked cod caught by a dolphin and let it entice you to want to collect it. 20G “Sine Wave Tee” top “Sine Wave Tee” top: Moskstraumen Activate a Conduit: Put the conduit inside a suitable sea lantern or Prismarine structure to turn it on. 50G “Glub Glub” headwear: Gold “Glub Glub” headwear: On Top of the World: Set up scaffolding at the limit of the universe. Set up a scaffold to the height of the world’s highest limit. 20G: Bronze–Where Have You Been?

It should be recorded using your player, on DAT, or statsuuid.json. It requires an NBT viewer to view the former and a Text Editor for the second. Level 2. 5 years ago OK, I searched the.json file and found some data for “achievement.exploreAllBiomes”. Then, it lists all currently investigated biomes.

Step 1. Be aware of the landscape surrounding you. Let’s suppose that you’re wandering around in the wilderness. If that’s the situation, then you’ll need to be aware of the environment surrounding you. You could be lost for a few days without your home. In the desert, you’ll discover cacti, sand, and maybe a little water. Step 2: Gather the amount you require in order to live from your home. Look around for everything that can be used to survive…

Utilizing the Xbox application, you’ll be able to check the duration of your time playing Minecraft. Follow these steps to open your Xbox application on your smartphone and click on

Bees can pollinate wheat, potatoes, carrots, beetroots, and carrots. melon, the berry bushes, and cave vines that they fly over. If the plant is pollinated, it moves into a new growth stage, like when using bone meal. To pollinate a plant, the pollen droplets must be in direct contact with it. Bees can fertilize plants 10 times every time they produce pollen, and there are…

⏩ People also ask For FAQs

What have you been doing? The next morning, you’ll get an item from a well-behaved cat. This achievement can be unlocked once the requirements are fulfilled, or it’s not possible at all.
What’s the rarest cat you can find in Minecraft? Each cat’s variant has a similar probability of appearing. The most uncommon is the grey tabby that isn’t within the game file.
The gift that a cat presents after giving an item for a gift is situated within the general vicinity of the bed the sleeper was sleeping on, as well as on the opposite side of the floor or walls. If there are multiple cats that are tamed in the room that is tamed, only the cat that sleeps with the person can give a presentation.
To be able to control a cat within Minecraft, you will have to locate one in or near a village, or a Witch Hunt in a swamp biome. If you find an untamed cat, you are able to feed it with the option of raw cod or salmon that can be gotten through fishing. It will be clear that the cat has been controlled once it wears a collar on its neck!

👉 How do you see how many times you’ve played Minecraft?

It will show you the number of times that you’ve killed a creature; a skeleton, an ogre, a zombie, a skeleton, etc. To determine how long you’ve spent playing Minecraft, you need to open “Statistics” and stay in the category of General. The second thing that appears is the number of minutes played. However, the amount spent playing can also be measured in terms of days (d) as well as minutes (h).

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