How To See Twitch Chat While Streaming

Twitch Chat While Streaming


Twitch chat Streaming is an integral aspect of the Twitch experience that allows streamers to communicate to their followers in ways that are completely exclusive to the channel. 

Additionally, it is more than a basic conversation. Your chat logs provide important information on user feedback and their responses. This information can help you decide how you develop and market your content.

When you invite more than a dozen strangers into the same space, you’ll end up in chaos. While the majority of viewers are satisfied with positive, healthy interactions with their streamer there are always people who aren’t so good and make the experience a mess for all others. 

With the speed at which Twitch chats are moving through the air, it can be difficult to keep track of every user at the present. 

However, by making careful utilization of the Twitch chat logs you can create an enjoyable and safe experience for your viewers.

While Twitch has upgraded its moderation tools over recent years, accessing and finding information from your Twitch Chat Logs remains a challenge that requires some digging. 

In this post, we’ll go into the reasons to examine the Twitch chat logs as and the different ways of performing this. 

We’ll also discuss third-party ways of keeping and downloading chat logs that can be beneficial for moderation over the long term.

Twitch Chat While Streaming

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Why you should check your Twitch chat logs?

Assess discipline actions There are times when you might want to assess the correctness of a punishment. Maybe a user was suspended but should have been exempted from time (or the reverse). 

You can check your Twitch Chat Logs to determine what the user did or did before they were punished. This will allow you to check on your moderators and ensure they aren’t abusing their authority to pursue personal revenge.

Review comments that aren’t appropriate • Twitch are really taking action against inappropriate comments or behavior and a large portion of the responsibility of maintaining a clean platform is on mods and streamers. 

This is the reason it’s crucial that streamers regularly check their chat logs for possible infractions to Twitch’s Terms of Service (TOS). 

If your viewers are frequently breaking their TOS you may lose your channel, even in the absence of the controversial comments made in your chat.

Get audience data -The Twitch chat log is useful in determining the type of content that viewers like. A quick look at the comments your viewers leave will provide you.

with an idea of which games or other activities they enjoyed and what aspects they find boring, and also your audience’s overall impression of your stream. 

Knowing how your viewers react to your content can help you decide on the direction you’d like to follow for your channel going forward.

Feedback from reviewers smaller channels might get feedback and comments from viewers about how they might improve their channels. 

There may be invitations to join forces with other streamers using your chat. Through Twitch Chat Log, you can access your Twitch Chat log, you’ll be able to revisit the feedback and comments at any time you’d like.

Find new memes Each channel of Twitch is a sub-community in the larger Twitch platform. Streamers who have loyal followers tend to come up with their own internal memes and jokes specifically for their channel. 

Monitoring your Twitch Chat Logs will keep you informed about the way your followers interact through the language they use, their vernacular, and memes. Utilizing this information in a smart way can increase loyalty and engagement.

Keywords for search Making an account on a Twitch account is easy and takes no time. Although this is beneficial for the growth of the platform.

it’s also used to avoid timeouts and bans. In some instances, the banned user could join another account and continue to abuse your chat. 

The Twitch Chat Log can reveal the date your account was set up and the kind of messages they’re posting. You can check the styles of writing and usernames to see the possibility of a banned user using a fake account to access your channel.

How do you check the logs of your Twitch chat logs?

Make use of the user search command

If you’re trying to find an individual comment from a certain user it’s the most efficient and fastest method of doing so. Just type”/user username” into the chatbox of your channel. Twitch will give you useful information about the user, for example:

  • How many messages have users left on your channel?
  • The date that the account was set up by the user.
  • How many times have users stopped in your chat?
  • How many times were banned from your channel?
  • The content of any comments they’ve made in your channels.
  • Comments made by your moderators regarding that particular user.

This technique is especially helpful in the event that you have a suspect user you suspect is creating an account in order to avoid the previous penalty. 

Also, it’s crucial to keep in mind this: the User Search Command will not display any comments that were removed by the moderator. It can however be used to determine the exact time that the user was penalized so that you can view their conversations within the VOD.

Playback your VODs

Recording the VODs and then playing them back in replay is the sole method to see the complete chat log from the duration of a live session. 

This option lets you look at comments that were removed by moderators -username search, and third-party applications cannot access that information. If you’d like to re-evaluate the suspension or ban or suspension, you’ll have to go through your VOD’s chat logs.

The drawback to the method of this is you’ll need to go throughout the video. It’s best to get a sense of the duration of the message before you begin to go through the VOD.

Use a third-party program

Although helpful, the chat tracking tools offered by Twitch might not be sufficient to meet your needs. Many streamers utilize third-party software to create chat logs to track comments over the long run.

The most well-known solution is Chatty it’s a Java-based open-source chat program that has a plethora of features that aid mods and streamers to keep track of their chat. 

Its interface is influenced by the classic IRC clients, and there’s a learning curve when using Chatty. Chatty does not log chats in default, but it does erase messages that have been deleted after a certain time.

Chatbots can be used to help you.

Chatbots on Twitch, such as Nightbot are software that is automated that allows you to manage and moderate your conversations. 

They also let you add additional features to your chat to create a unique experience for your viewers. Chatbots are often configured to keep a comprehensive and searchable record of all the chat comments. the chat.

Of all the strategies described in this article, it’s the fastest and easiest method to locate the specific comment you’re searching for. 

Activating a bot within your chat will allow it to automatically begin collecting chat information which you can look through anytime after the stream has finished. 

The chatbot won’t be able to track the messages in chats that they were not active in therefore if you’re just considering making use of a bot for reviewing your previous chats, it will not be feasible. 

If you’re considering taking the quality of your Twitch account to the highest level, you must be looking into the possibility of using chatbots. It will save you a great deal of stress in the near future.

How to check Twitch chat logs as a moderator?

Moderators are able to access the chat logs of individual viewers. All you need to do is open Moderator View and click the name of a user. Mod View is accessible by clicking the sword icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.

After you’ve opened Mod View, simply click on the name of a user to see their complete conversations on their channel. You can then browse through their messages to read their chats from the past. 

Additional information that is useful, such as the number of times they’ve been suspended or banned, is available here. You can also see any comments made by mods, or report, ban or even timeout the user’s name from this display.

How to download Twitch’s chat logs?

If you’d like to store your Twitch Chat logs locally to review in the future, Chatty lets you do exactly that. The chat view in the software has an upper limit on the number of comments you can examine at one time. 

However, if you save every chat to the external storage device, then you will be able to easily search through the log at any time you’d like. Chatty also shows Twitch emoticons, badges, and colors for usernames to enhance the readability of your logs.

Chatbots often keep track of every chat in your channel. The majority of chatbots store this data on their servers and have limitations on the ability to download it onto your local storage. 

Examine the features for logging chat to each chatbot prior to choosing the one you want to use for your channel.

Can I see chat logs from other channels?

Only the moderator or streamer has access to the chat logs for video and users who are on their channel. Twitch does not allow chat logs to be shared publicly — and, in actuality, this is in violation of the rules of the platform regarding sharing data. 

Prior to May 2020, OverRustle Logs, the site OverRustle Logs kept a database of chats across all channels that were not set to private. 

Anyone could access this database to follow other users to see the messages they’ve posted and on which channels. OverRustle Logs has been deactivated since May 1st following a request by Twitch’s Legal department.

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Twitch Chat While Streaming FAQs

How do I show chat on screen in Streamlabs?

This Streamlabs chatbox widget has a variety of features that you can alter to make your chatbox personal. Step 1: web page and sign into the dashboard. Second step: click “All Widgets” on the left side of the dashboard. 3. Click “Chat Box” from the widget gallery.

What’s better OBS or Streamlabs?

If you’re an experienced professional who doesn’t require any bells or whistles and is focused on quality of the stream, OBS is the one for you. If you are interested in gaming or other entertainment streams The Streamlabs model is the best option to opt for.

How do you whisper in Twitch?

If you do not feel like looking at names You can open the same whisper feature by entering “/w” into chat, along with the username of the person you want to send a message to.

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