Smithfield Pies Menu Prices UK 2023 ❤️

Smithfield Pies Menu Prices UK 2023


Smithfield Pies UK Menu Prices

Smithfield Pies Menu Prices UK 2023:- Can’t find Smithfield Pies Menu Prices? It is obvious! Just like other food brands Smithfield Pies also does not publish its Smithfield Pies Menu List UK on its official site, it publishes Smithfield Pies Menu UK though. However, you can drive the entire post which is all about the Smithfield Pies Menu with Prices in the UK. 

Remember, the Smithfield Pies Menu Price List can be a little different according to the location across the UK. Nonetheless, you can visit the official site to assure yourself.

It is easy to rid out of the confusion about what to order and whether it will fit in the pocket or not. Therefore, this post will be a proven boon for you.

If you are well prepared, then it is quite easy to place an order. Even you can deliver your food without putting a foot outside. Just compare the Smithfield Pies Menu Deals and place an order just by seating on a chair under a roof.

In this post, I have tried to mention all the possible information about the Smithfield Pies UK Menu and Smithfield Pies Price. So just follow each line and satisfies your mischievous tummy as per your likes and budget.

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Smithfield Pies Menu and Prices


Mashed Potato £2.50
Mushy Minted Peas


Pie, Gravy, 2 Sides and Beer £15.00
Pie, Gravy and 2 Sides (Meals) £11.00
Pie, Gravy and Side


Curried Vegetable and Chickpea
Chicken, Ham Hock and Leek
Lamb Shoulder and Mint
Beef Shin and Ale


Borsao Granche Red
Beavertown Neck Oil
Camden Hells
Diet Coke


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This post is all about Smithfield Pies UK Menu Prices 2022. Thank you for reading this whole post. I hope you find it informative and it mitigates all the confusion about the Smithfield Pies Menu Prices. 

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