Shakeaway Menu Prices UK 2022 ❤️

Shakeaway UK Menu Prices

Shakeaway UK Menu Prices

Visit the entire Shakeaway Menu below. In this menu, you will find the best milkshakes offered by Shakeaway. You will struggle to find out the Shakeaway Menu with Prices of UK because unfortunately, the restaurant does not publish any official Shakeaway Price List online. They do provide Shakeaway Menu List of UK however.

Yet, in this post, you can check out the total product of the Shakeaway Menu and Prices without going anywhere. I have tried to revels accurate data as possible, still, the data might be a little different depending on the store location across the UK. You can cross-check by visiting the official site to ensure yourself.

Shakeaway Menu UK includes milkshakes, smoothies, healthy shakes, hot shakes, hot drinks, etc, also grants certain dietary conditions such as dairy and nut-free options. Fat-free frozen yogurt and fries are also given in the selected stores.

Dairy-free milkshakes with wide varieties for vegans and soya milk and soya ice cream instead of cow’s milk for lactose-intolerant people are also available at the store.

The milkshake is offered with different options like ice cream, milk and a flavor preferred by the customer. Moreover, you have the option to pick any additional flavor products made by NestleCadbury’sMars and McVitie’s.

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Shakeaway Menu Prices

Size Matters

Extra Flavors £0.89 Each
Large With one Flavor £3.99
Regular With one Flavor £2.99

Hot Menu

Add an Extra Espresso Shot to any hot Drink For 0.50

Pretty Teas £0.99 Regular
Pretty Teas £1.15 Large
Nice Cuppa Tea £0.99 Regular
Nice Cuppa Tea £1.15 Large
Coffee £1.40 Regular
Coffee £1.60 Large
Latte £1.40 Regular
Latte £1.60 Large
Hot Chocolate £1.65 Regular
Hot Chocolate £1.95 Large
Nutella Hot Chocolate £1.95 Regular
Nutella Hot Chocolate £2.25 Large
Dairy-free Hot Chocolate £1.65 Regular
Dairy-free Hot Chocolate £1.95 Large
Hot Chocolatey Horlicks £1.95 Regular
Hot Chocolatey Horlicks £2.25 Large
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate £1.95 Regular
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate £2.25 Large
White Hot Chocolate £1.65 Regular
White Hot Chocolate £1.95 Large
Ovaltine £1.65 Regular
Ovaltine £1.95 Large
Cappuccino £1.60 Regular
Cappuccino £1.89 Large
White Hot Choca Mocha £1.65 Regular
White Hot Choca Mocha £1.95 Large
Spiced Chai Latte £1.65 Regular
Spiced Chai Latte £1.95 Large
Hot Chocolatey Ovaltine £1.95 Regular
Hot Chocolatey Ovaltine £2.25 Large
Horlicks £1.65 Regular
Horlicks £1.95 Large
Espresso £1.15 Regular
Espresso £1.35 Large
Choca Mocha £1.65 Regular
Choca Mocha £1.95 Large

Extra Ice-cream

Tops and Bottoms £0.49
Extra Ice-cream For £0.49

Hot Stuff Winter Menu

Hot Stuff Winter Menu £4.75 Large
Hot Stuff Winter Menu £3.75 Regular

Smoothies Re-invented

Choose a Free Topping

Smoothies Re-invented Single Flavours £2.95 Regular
Smoothies Re-invented Single Flavours £3.95 Large
Smoothies Re-invented £3.75 Regular
Smoothies Re-invented £4.75 Large


This post is all about the Shakeaway Menu Prices UK. I hope you like it and it helps you to kick out all the confusion you had. Thank you for reading the whole article.

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