How To Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft [Working Recipe]

⏩ How To Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft [Working Recipe]

Concrete is a tough and attractive material that will give the Minecraft creation a stunning appearance. Concrete is available in a wide range of colors and does not explode in flames like wool. The blocks are also more durable and harder than stone, but with the price of lower blast resistance.

There are some points worth mentioning before diving into the process of creating concrete. It must be extracted by using a pickaxe because otherwise the block is lost. The basic block of concrete powder is the same physics as gravel and sand as its foundational blocks, which means that it will be able to follow the laws of gravity and then fall. 

However, concrete that is hardened will be able to follow the physics of the majority of blocks and remain in place regardless of any blocks under it.

⏩ Materials required for making concrete

The materials you will need to create concrete are:

  • Dye
  • Sand 
  • Gravel
  • Water source

⏩ Dye:

It is important to determine the color you would like your concrete to have before we can start making it. In Minecraft, it could be any of sixteen dye options available, including red, orange, lime, yellow, light blue, cyan, and purple. blue magenta, pink-brown, black light gray, or white. 

You can acquire various dyes through making, melting, or selling. There is no one method for making dyes since each dye is made with its recipe. One example is the dye green, which we’ve discussed in this post.

Above is a chart that illustrates the sources of each dye to be purchased.

Above is a chart that illustrates the sources of each dye to be purchased.

⏩ Sand:


In the same way, sand blocks, an additional element in concrete construction, must be extracted with the help of a shovel. These blocks are located in desert biomes as well as near bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and beaches. It is necessary to have four of them to make concrete.

⏩ Gravel:

It is often located on beaches, close to small water bodies, ponds, and in biomes of mountain gravel that cover large areas of the surface and also underwater, in the frozen, cold ocean biomes.

Gravel in minecraft 

It can be extracted using any tool, but the shovel is best as it will accomplish the same job more effectively than other tools. To make eight concrete blocks, just four gravel blocks are needed, and it shouldn’t be a huge hassle.

⏩ How to make Concrete in Minecraft?

Eloquently, To create concrete, players have to prepare the concrete first. Put a dye of your choice into the first box on the grid for crafting, then fill the final row and the third box in two rows with gravel, and then fill the remainder of the grid with sand. These will create cement powder blocks. The process of bringing these concrete blocks into contact with water sources can result in concrete that has hardened.

These are the step-by-step picture instructions you must follow to build the concrete you need in Minecraft:

👉 Step-1 Open the crafting table:

How To Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft

Begin by opening your crafting table to ensure that you can see the same 3×3 crafting grid as the one below:

👉 Step-2 Place the gravel:

How To Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft

They are the two main components of concrete powder. Four blocks of gravel need to be laid out in the order shown below. The 3 blocks that are left should be placed in the column to the left, and the remaining ones should go into the final cell of the middle row.

👉 Step-3 Place sand:

How To Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft

As with gravel, put in the sand. However, the position of sand may not be symmetrical to gravel, so be sure that you’re following the diagram below, block by block. 

Two blocks will complete the middle row, where one gravel is already present and the initial two cells will become filled with sand. The two other blocks will be placed in the 3rd and 2nd cells of the row in the beginning.

👉 Step-4 Place the dye:

How To Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft

When you’ve finished placing the gravel and sand, one of the cells in the grid for crafting is left empty. This is the location for any dye you choose to put in. Once you’ve done that, the eight concrete blocks will be visible on your screen.

👉 Step-5 Drag the concrete powder into your inventory:

How To Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft

As previously mentioned, using this recipe, you will create concrete powder blocks. Converting the powder into concrete is simple. All you need to do is place the powder of concrete next to a water source, and it will change into concrete that has hardened! 

The photo below shows a man holding a block of concrete, and then, after placing it in the source of water, it transforms into solid concrete. The block’s appearance changes from rough to a smoother and more vibrant appearance.

👉 Step-6 Mine the concrete:

How To Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft

This is the final stage in the process of making concrete. Because you’ve got the concrete block right before you, all that’s left to do is mine it. As we mentioned, the block can only be extracted using an ax.

⏩ Give Command for Concrete

Because the concrete block comes in a variety of colors, there’s no need for any standard way to give commands for concrete as such. The command is the identical format for each color. The structure is as follows:

/give @p colour_concrete_powder 1

Be aware that the color used by the instruction is just a placeholder, meaning you need to change it to the color of concrete you would like to create. For instance, to make the concrete block green, the command will look like this:

/give @p orange_concrete_powder 1

⏩ Video explaining how to make concrete in Minecraft

⏩ Conclusion

That’s how we create our Minecraft Concrete Powder recipe, and it’s a breeze to keep track of and adhere to. In addition, we’ve given all the details we could about the recipe for concrete powder. We also recommend reading our article on

Since they’re similar, there is only one difference in the dyes employed. Finally, we hope you enjoyed reading this post and would like to see more similar articles shortly.

⏩ People also ask For FAQs

To create a concrete powder, use the crafting table to combine 4 gravel blocks four blocks of sand, and 1 x dye. Combining these components will create the element known as concrete powder. To create concrete using the powder, the player requires a supply of water. Either flowing waters or buckets filled with water will suffice.
For concrete to be made for concrete Minecraft first, you’ll need to make concrete powder. It is necessary to locate gravel and sand as well as the color you want. They are simple to obtain and are usually available at the beginning of each new world.
Concrete could refer to any of the sixteen dyes in Minecraft, such as orange, red, yellow, green, lime, light blue, cyan, and purple. blue magenta, pink-brown, gray, black, white, or light gray. The dye is available by crafting, smelting, or trading.
Sand gravel can be created in Minecraft by mixing sand with any shade of dye. When you pour the concrete powder into the water, it’ll creates solid concrete blocks. Concrete is great for decorating Minecraft because it’s available in many shades.
Concrete is a mix of cement and coarse aggregate (sand less than 5 millimeters in diameter) as well as coarse aggregate (gravel 6-20 millimeters in size). When they are mixed in the proper proportions, they create a very dense material.

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