❤️ Creams Menu Prices UK – What Time Does Creams Close?

Creams Menu Prices: Creams Cafe Menu of the UK shows a variety of incredibly delicious meals that even the picky eaters can find something to enjoy.

Creams Cafe Prices are really affordable too at locations around the UK. The food served by the restaurant has been complimented for the best customer service, a great and simple product offering, and only the best quality.Creams Menu Prices

Customers generally go back for the scoops of gelato and milkshakes but have also enjoyed other meals.

You can order any between waffles, crêpes, sundaes, cakes, puddings, sorbets, gelatos, and vegan desserts.

The menu can also be seen at creamscafe.com, but that list does not include prices.

Since Creams Cafe is run by the franchise concept, and so prices may vary from restaurant to restaurant, take this list as a guide only.

Here, I’ll tell you What time does Creams open? and What time does Creams close? along with Creams Cafe Menu Prices and many more others.

Creams Menu Prices UK


Creams Cafe Menu in the UK has such a wide range of tasty foods that even picky eaters will be able to find something they like.

Creams Menu Prices

All of the prices on Creams Menu are reasonable in all of the UK locations.

Creams Savoury Menu

 Cheese Nachos – Small £5.50
Cheese Nachos – To Share £9.80
 Mexican Nachos – Small £6.50
 Mexican Nachos – To Share £11.10

Gelato & Sorbet

 1 Scoop £2.98
 2 Scoops £4.98
 3 Scoops £6.09

Picked for you

Milk Chocolate Utopia Cookie Dough £6.95
 Regular Thickshake £6.12
Large Thickshake £6.63
 Create Your Own Waffle £5.95
 Banana and Strawberry Waffle £9.12
 Bueno Waffle £8.78


 Creams Indulgence Box £11.95
 Creams Playful Box £11.95
Lotus Biscoff with white chocolate sauce – Doughnut £3.95
O-re-o milk chocolate sauce and oreo crumb – Doughnut £3.95
Aero mint bubbles with milk chocolate sauce – Doughnut £3.95
Rolo with milk chocolate and toffee sauce – Doughnut £3.95

Crepes – Old School Classic & Signature

The Classic Crepe £5.95
 Creams-A-Tella Crepe £6.05
 Royale Crepe £8.64
 O-RE-O Crepe £9.12
 Speculoos Crepe £8.95
 Millionaires Crepe £8.95
 Chocolate Obsession Crepe £9.95
 Cookie Crush Crepe £8.95
Bueno Crepe £8.78

Cookie Dough

Creams-A-Tella Cookie Dough £7.95
 Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough £6.95
 White Chocolate Cookie Dough £6.95
 Bueno On White Cookie Dough £8.95
 Triple Treat Cookie Dough £8.95
 Cookie Dough Royale £9.12
 O-RE-O Cookie Dough £9.12
 Cookie Dough Crush £9.21


The Classic Waffle £6.05
Creams-A-Tella Waffle £6.05
 O-RE-O Waffle £8.95
Speculoos Waffle £8.95
 Millionaires Waffle £8.95
Chocolate Obsession Waffle £9.95
 Royale Waffle £9.24
 Cookie Crush Waffle £9.12

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee £4.85
Coca Cola £3.08
Fruit Shoot Orange £1.95
Fruit Shoot Apple and Blackcurrant £1.95
Diet Coca Cola £2.98
Coke Zero £2.98
Smart Water – Still £2.95
Smart Water – Sparkling £2.95

Standard Milkshakes

Regular Scoop Shake £6.15
 Large Scoop Shake £6.45

Sundae Funday

Sundae Funday – Kinder Bueno £3.95
Sundae Funday – Lotus Biscoff £3.95
Sundae Funday – Oreo Cookies £3.95
Sundae Funday – Smarties £3.95

Limited Edition / Summer Menu

Sundaes £8.50
Waffles £7.75
One Scoop Gelato £3.19
Two Scoop Gelato £4.85
Three Scoop Gelato £6.28
Milkshake £5.95


 Invent Your Own £5.25
 Gelato and Sorbet £3.25
 Waffles £9.25
 Crepes £7.75
 Sundaes £8.75
 Milkshake £6.45

Vegan Milkshake

  Shakes £6.45
Amalfi Lemon Vegan Shakes £6.45
Chocolate Vegan Shakes £6.45
Mango Vegan Shakes £6.45
Raspberry Vegan Shakes £6.45


 Banana Burrito Wrap Crepe £6.95
 Pancake Day £5.45
Pancake Day Crepe £5.45
 Banoffee £6.75
Banoffee Crepe £7.53
 The Canadian Crepe £6.83
 Milk Chocolate Wonder £6.95
Milk Chocolate Wonder Crepe £6.95
 White Chocolate Wonder Crepe £6.95
Banana Burrito Wrap £6.95
White Chocolate Wonder £6.95
 Banana and Strawberry £8.75
 Chocolate Strawberry Indulgence £7.45
Chocolate Strawberry Indulgence Crepe £7.45
 Salted Caramel with Banana £8.45
Salted Caramel with Banana Crepe £8.45
 Chocolate Spreadology £6.75
Chocolate Spreadology Crepe £6.75
 Crepe-au-Oreo £8.45
Crepe-au-Oreo Crepe £8.45
 Biscoff Crepe £8.45
Crepe Au Bueno £8.95
 Banana & Strawberry Crepe £8.27


 Banana Berry Smoothie £6.25
 Mango Gogo Smoothie £6.25
 Mixed Bunch Smoothie £6.25
 Caribbean Beach Smoothie £6.25
 Strawberry Bliss Smoothie £6.25

Vegan Cakes

  Apple Crumble £6.45

Winter Season Menu

 Winter Cookie Dough Waffle £9.95
 Winter Cookie Dough Sundae £8.40
 Winter Crepe Coco A Gogo £7.10


 Cookie-2-GoGo £23.95
 Crepe Crazy £22.95
 Crepe Crazy Deluxe £23.95
 Double Waffle-Ganger £23.95
 Double Waffle-Supreme £26.95

Cookie Dough and Hot Puddings

Cookie Dough Utopia – Milk Chocolate Base £6.95
 Cookie Dough Utopia – White Chocolate Base £6.95
 Chocolate with Oreo £8.95
 Kinder Bueno on White £8.95
 Sticky Banoffee £8.95
 Chocolate with Ferrero Rocher £8.95
 Vegan Milk Chocolate £8.75
 Peanut Butter Cookie Dough £8.95
 Red Velvet and Strawberry £8.95
 Tuba Smarties £8.95
 Peanut Butter With Marshmallow £8.45

Vegan Waffles

  Berry Waffle £9.45
  Chocolate Waffle £9.95
  Mango & Coconut Waffle £9.25

Vegan Cookie Dough

  Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough £7.75
  Sliced Strawberry Cookie Dough £7.75


 Honeycomb and Salted Caramel Cheesecake £6.45
 Chocolate Fudge Cake £6.33
 New York Cheesecake £6.45
 Sticky Toffee Pudding £6.36
 Chocolate Brownie £6.45
Apple Crumble £6.36
 Raspberry Jam Slice £6.45
 Chocolate Lava Pudding £6.45
 Lotus Biscoff £6.45
 Cookie & Cream Cheesecake £6.45


 Nutty Banoffee £7.75
Nutty Banoffee Waffle £7.75
Chocolate Spreadology Plus One £7.95
Chocolate Spreadology Plus One Waffle £7.95
 Chocolate Fudge Mess £9.95
Chocolate Fudge Mess Waffle £9.95
 Creams Waffle Royale £9.95
 Mighty Maple £6.25
Mighty Maple Waffle £6.25
 Millionaires £8.95
 Oreos on Mine £8.95
Oreos on Mine Waffle £8.95
 Apple Crumble Waffle £8.95
 White Chocolate kiss £9.45
White Chocolate Kiss Waffle £9.45
 Strawberry Choc Indulgence £9.45
Strawberry Choc Indulgence Waffle £9.45
 White Choc Blizzard £8.95
White Choc Blizzard Waffle £8.95
 Bounty Chocolate Waffle £8.45
Waffle Of Bounty Chocolate £8.45
 Strawberry fields £8.95
Strawberry Fields Waffle £8.95
 Waffle M&M £8.95
Biscoff Waffle £9.95
 Red Velvet £8.86
Red Velvet Waffle £9.95
 Tiramisu £7.95
Tiramisu Waffle £7.95
Waffle of Bueno £8.60
 Mango Mania Waffle £8.95
 Chocoholic Waffle £7.95

Vegan Crepes

 Banana & Chocolate Crepe £7.75
 Vegan Fruit Crepe £7.75

Vegan Sundae

  Berry Sundae £8.75
  Mango Sundae £9.45
  Chocolate Sundae £9.45

Cookie Dough

White Chocolate Utopia Cookie Dough £6.95
Chocolate with Oreo Cookie Dough £8.95
Kinder Bueno on White Cookie Dough £8.95
Sticky Banoffee Cookie Dough £8.95
Chocolate with Ferrero Rocher Cookie Dough £8.95
Vegan Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough £8.75
Red Velvet and Strawberry Cookie Dough £8.95
Tuba Smarties Cookie Dough £8.95
Peanut Butter With Marshmallow Cookie Dough £8.45


 Creams Knickerbocker Glory Sundae £9.00
 Speculoos and Caramel Sundae £8.95
 O-RE-O Overload Sundae £8.95
 Creams Sundae Royale Sundae £8.95
 Berry Slice Sundae £8.95
 Hot ‘N’ Cold Chocolate Fudge Volcano Sundae £9.14
 Totally Minted Sundae £9.13
 Bubblelicious Sundae £8.95

Vegan Gelato and Sorbet

  One Scoop Gelato £3.25
 Two Scoop Gelato £4.85
 Three Scoop Gelato £6.25


 Banana-berry Split £7.75
 Banoffee Split £8.46
Banoffee Split Sundae £8.37
 The Creams Knickerbocker Glory £9.29
 Chocolateer £8.95
Chocolateer Sundae £8.95
 Creams Sundae Royale £9.95
 Caramel and Speculoos £9.35
 O-RE-O Overload £9.95
 Caramel & Toffee Retreat £8.45
Caramel & Toffee Retreat Sundae £8.45
 Banana-Berry Split Sundae £7.75
 Oreo Overload £9.95
Oreo Overload Sundae £9.95
Cookie Dough Crush Sundae £9.45
Hot ‘N’ Cold Chocolate Fudge Volcano £9.53
Totally Minted £9.41
 Berry Slice £9.35
 Pop Fizz sundae £8.95
Pop Fizz sundae Sundae £8.95
Bubblelicious £9.32
 Sour Candy Hit £8.95
Sour Candy Hit Sundae £8.95
 Candy Floss £8.95
Candy Floss Sundae £8.95
 Mango Mania Sundae £8.95
 Strawberry Slice £8.95
Strawberry Slice Sundae £8.95
 Biscoff Sundae £8.95
Biscoff Sundaes £8.95
 Hot ‘N’ Cold Red Velvet £9.45
Hot ‘N’ Cold Red Velvet Sundae £9.45
 Sundae of Bounty Choc £8.75
Sundae of Bounty Choc Sundae £8.75
 Sundae of M&M £8.75
Sundae of M&M Sundae £8.75
 Very Cherry £8.45
Very Cherry Sundae £8.45

Plant Based Vegan Desserts

 Waffle £6.51
 Cookie Dough £6.82
Crepe £6.48

 Invent Your Own

Vegan Sundae £5.95

Invent Your Own

Waffle £5.71
 Sundae £5.12
Crepe £5.42
 Cookie Dough £5.21

Gelato and Sorbet

 Gelato and Sorbet £3.25


Oreo Cookies Milkshake £5.75
Crunchie Milkshake £5.75
Strawberry Milkshake £5.75
Creams Chocolate & Hazelnut Milkshake £5.75
Banana Milkshake £5.75
After Eight Milkshake £5.75
Mango Milkshake £5.75
Maltesers Milkshake £5.75
Smarties Milkshake £5.75
Crunchie Peanut Butter Milkshake £5.75
Ferrero Rocher Milkshake £5.75
Snickers Milkshake £5.75
 Scoop Shakes £5.75
Skittles Fruit £5.75
Skittles Fruit Milkshake £5.75
Skittles Sour £5.75
Skittles Sour Milkshake £5.75
M&M Chocolate Milkshake £5.75
M&M’s Peanut Milkshake £5.75
Bounty Milkshake £5.75

Soft Drinks

 Coca-Cola Original Taste £3.25
Diet Coke £2.75
Fanta Orange £2.85
Sprite £2.85
Still Water £2.75
Smart Water Still – 600ml £2.95
Sparkling Water £2.75
Coca Cola – 330ml £3.13

Power Milkshakes

 The “Bulker” £5.95
 The Marathon £5.95
 Pro-Oreo Shake £5.95

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Creams Milkshake Menu

On the menu at Creams, you Can Choose from a Variety of Classic and Deluxe milkshakes that Will make your taste buds happy.

We have Something for everyone who loves milkshakes, from Classics like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry to decadent deluxe milkshakes with Oreo Cookies, brownie chunks, and more.

Our milkshakes are great sweet treats any time of day because they are made with rich ice cream and topped With tasty things.

Creams Waffle Menu

If you like Sweet treats that taste good and make you feel good, you’ll love Creams Waffle menu.

Cream Waffles are a Popular Dessert that Started in Europe and has become Popular all Over the World because of their Crispy Outside and Soft, fluffy inside.

The history of Cream Waffles, its Various Varieties the most Popular toppings and fillings, and even how to make them at home are all covered in this article.

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Creams Cafe Opening Hours

12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Thursday 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Friday 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Good To Know

₹201 – ₹704
Cafe, Italian
Vegetarian Friendly
Lunch, Drinks
Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts Credit Cards, Delivery, Street Parking, Highchairs Available, Family style
OFFICIAL WEBSITE www.creamscafe.com

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 Near Me Location


Creams Cafe History

Creams Cafe was founded by Balal Aqil and Adam Mani in 2008. The first restaurant opened in London.

Today, the restaurant is one of the most famous brands in the World, serving millions of Customers in many Countries.

People enjoy the meals that the Creams Cafe serves. Specifically, they go back because of the flavors and the plentiful servings in each meal.

Customers also appreciate the friendliness of the staff and the fun and colorful atmosphere.

The other details about the Creams Menu Prices UK are provided below.


This post is about the Creams Menu and Prices. I hope you like it and it helps you to Choose the best one to fit in a pocket.

Thank you for reading the entire article. Still, if you have any problems, then leave a comment below or visit the Official site Provided above in this post.

You Can read other menus like this on the site ukmenuprice.today.

FAQ – Creams Menu Prices UK

Are there any kids’ menu options at Creams?

Yes, Creams might have a kids’ menu with things like smaller portions or desserts made just for kids.

Can I customize my dessert at Creams?

Yes, desserts at Creams can usually be made to order. For example, you can choose different ice cream flavours, toppings, and sauces. For customizations, you may have to pay extra.

Are there any combo deals or meal options at Creams?

Creams may offer combo deals or meal options with a discount that include more than one item. For specific information, it’s best to look at their menu or call your local Creams.

What types of milkshakes are available at Creams?

Creams has a wide range of milkshake flavours, from traditional ones like chocolate and strawberry to unique ones like Oreo, Nutella, and more.

Does Creams offer any promotions or discounts?

From time to time, Creams may have sales, discounts, or other deals. Check their website or social media pages to see if there are any deals going on.

How much do waffles cost at Creams?

The price of waffles at Creams depends on the type of waffle and any toppings or sauces you add. For specific prices, it’s best to check the menu or call your local Creams.

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