20+ Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

20+ Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft


20+ Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft: The excitement of discovering your world and the worry that someone could attempt to steal it from you.

The process of building weapons, tools, and defenses, and engaging with other players to obtain resources, all contribute to making Minecraft an experience, unlike anything I’ve played before!

Minecraft is a sandbox-building game that allows players to explore a world made entirely of cubes, and extract building blocks from various types of substances found throughout the world. If you have never played before, this is the basic concept of the game.

It is possible to build structures out of it, including vehicles, equipment, and other tools. Minecraft boasts a staggering number of 126 million+ active users on all platforms and has grown exponentially every year since 2011.

Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

It offers a thrilling gaming experience; creating weapons, tools, and defenses, battling enemies, and creating your world makes Minecraft distinct and offers gamers a using excitement.

Minecraft allows you to enchant tools. For instance, swords and enchantments within Minecraft are the most reliable mob killers.

These magical enchantments also lead to the acquisition of enhanced weapons. The idea behind them is to make life easier in the competitive world of Minecraft, and there’s no way to skip over the possibility of enchanting your sword.

Every sword in Minecraft has a distinct breakpoint.

For instance, you can play with the diamond sword in 1562 terms. You can, however, increase the life of a sword by repairing it or by enchanting it.

This article will look at ways to enhance your sword’s durability and strength with the best sword enchantments in Minecraft.

Advantages of Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

As we’ve discussed previously in the past, swords are the ideal way to eliminate groups. To increase the effectiveness make use of sword enhancements to allow you to easily kill hordes of monsters, without needing to take breaks in between (like repair weapons).

We’re all aware that plenty is going on in the world of any player such as cutting trees, mining ores, and building homes. By smacking mobs, you can gain needed resources to progress in the game.

They drop items such as sticks, iron ore as well as gold nuggets.

Advantages of Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

The ability to hunt down monsters is vital to quickly level up. Make use of sword enchantments, which can be extremely effective to kill multiple enemies in a single swipe at the sword.

They are helpful in preventing mob attacks on your house.

For maximum effectiveness in Minecraft, it’s important to equip your weapon with powerful spells.

The benefits of an enchanted sword are:

  • A well-enchanted blade may quickly and efficiently wipe off many hordes.
  • The most effective enchantment for swords significantly boosts the chances of receiving critical strikes that cause up to three times the damage of normal.
  • A well-enchanted blade may dispatch several hordes at once without losing any time.
  • The ability to chant increases your odds of beating multiple foes.
  • Each devastating blow automatically repairs your weapon, so you don’t need to worry about material.
  • The player can fight massive mobs of people with a magical sword.
  • An enchanted sword lessens the likelihood of injury.
  • A beautiful sword can unlock other enchantments that are suitable for certain scenarios.

Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft & Prerequisites

Let’s look at the way the enchantment system in Minecraft works. Functions of Minecraft Each enchantment comes with benefits that can be applied to the tools and weapons.

In addition, every enchantment poses unique abilities. Enchanting requires the construction of an enchantment table.

It also requires an exclusive material called lapis-lazuli to enchant objects. The amount of lapis lazuli required will vary based on the kind of enchantment used and the object you’re trying to transform.

In addition, you’ll need a certain level of experience to use an enchantment.

Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft & Prerequisites

You can earn experience points through defeating enemies, playing Minecraft, crafting, mining, crafting, and making smelts.

Then, surround your enchantment table with bookshelves to raise experience levels.

The greater the number of your bookshelves, the higher your experience level.

When ready, look for these Minecraft sword-related enchantments in ascending order.

1. Curse of Vanishing

Vanishing is the ideal spell to prevent the cost of death. This spell is known as the “Curse of Vanishing” and has a maximum level of 1.

If you happen to die in Minecraft, you can use enchantment to make your belongings unreachable after they vanish and stop others from stealing them. This is the Minecraft ID for Curse of the Vanishing, which is 71.

If you’re on the PVP server and you’re playing on a PVP server, the Curse of Vanishing is one of the greatest sword enchantments you can find in Minecraft. It allows you to prevent your items from being stolen in the event of your death.

2. Bane of Arthropods

The curse of arthropods is an upper limit of 5. If you are having difficulty taking out mobs such as spiders, silverfish, cave spiders, or even enchantment This enchantment can aid you greatly.

It is a great way to increase the damage of these creatures when they’re getting too hard for the character’s abilities to fight at their current level of levels and experience. This is the Minecraft ID for Bane of Arthropods. I am 18.

It’s ideal to use Bane of Arthropods as your sword enchantment, as it does not require any experience. The higher you go with more experience, the better the effects will be.

It’s certainly one of the most effective spells for swords in Minecraft for those who want to eliminate mobs such as silverfish and spiders.

3. Sweeping Edge

A Sweeping Edge sword enchantment in Minecraft is a fantastic way to take on enemies in a short amount of time by moving your sword.

The highest degree of this enchantment boosts the damage dealt, so it’s great for those who are struggling to deal with weak sweep attacks, which take a long time to deal enough damage.

The maximum length of an edge that is swept is 3, and its Minecraft ID for Sweeping Edge is 22. It’s a fantastic sword enchantment as it works on all swords, even diamond swords.

The Sweeping Edge is an excellent sword enchantment that is suitable for both novice and skilled Minecraft players.

4. Fire Aspect

It’s crucial to consider what you’d like your target to be lit up. It’s possible that the Fire Aspect enchantment can help in this regard! This exclusive Minecraft feature sets targets on fire instantly and is the ideal method to deal with the creeps who are simply rude.

You can increase your fire aspect level to 2.

At the moment, the Minecraft ID for Fire Aspect is 20. It’s one of the greatest sword enchantments found in Minecraft and can be combined with Sharpness for an extremely destructive weapon that is effective against creatures like spiders, skeletons, zombies, and all other creatures that could catch you in flames.

5. Smite

Smite has the highest level of five. It’s not an easy task to eliminate undead mobs. You can, therefore, get an enchantment for swords, such as the smite enchantment, which can increase your damage when fighting them. Smite is a Minecraft ID. The Minecraft ID for Smite is 17.

Smite is one of the best sword enchantments in Minecraft due to the increased damage it deals to undead mobs. These contains skeletons, zombies, withered skeletons, and skeleton horses, among others.

6. Knockback

Minecraft lets you enchant Knockback twice. Knockback is an excellent method to eliminate mobs. If you can get it enchanted with the right enchantment, it will be even more effective and make the removal of those gruesome zombies much easier.

Knockback’s Minecraft ID for Knockback is 19. It’s always great to have knockback as it allows you to eliminate mobs at a safe distance. This sword enchantment is very beneficial for novice Minecraft players.

7. Sharpness

The highest degree of sharpness is 5. If you wish to boost the amount of damage that you can deal, Sharpness is employed to enhance the sword in Minecraft as well as increase the damage to mobs. “Sharpness is a Minecraft ID.

The Minecraft ID for sharpness is 16. It’s the best sword enchantment for players who have some knowledge of Minecraft. Sharpness is a great combination in conjunction with the Bane of Arthropods, Fire Aspect, Smite, and Sweeping Edge.

8. Looting

Third-level looting is the maximum. Did you kill an enemy but did not receive satisfaction from your loot and would like to boost your loot? The best way to do this is to use the looting enchantment that is on the sword. As a result, you’ll be able to loot more goods from fallen foes.

Looting is a game in which the Minecraft ID for looting is 21. It’s a fantastic method to gain more loot from mobs and is one of the most effective sword enchantments available in Minecraft.

This is a great enchantment that will be beneficial to players who enjoy making bread, farming tools, and gold, as well as other essential items.

9. Unbreaking

It’s possible to upgrade your item without breaking it until the 3rd level, and that’s the highest. Another great sword enchantment boosts the durability points that can be found on the item.

Unbreaking is a great option for new players, particularly if you’re just beginning and are uncertain about how to handle monsters within Minecraft.

Unbreaking is a great option for new players. The Minecraft ID for Unbreaking is 34. This sword enchant can be very beneficial for players using items that break very quickly.

The Unbreaking enchantment makes the item last longer and less likely to break, so you can use it more often without worrying about it breaking.

10. Mending

The maximum number of broken threads that this utility can fix is 1. Mending tools are indispensable for any Minecraft enthusiast. It can fix all your weapons, tools, and armor using XP while you are exploring the world of blocky fun. Mending is a Minecraft ID.

The Minecraft ID for Mending is 70. It’s a fantastic way to save XP and is among the most powerful sword enchantments available in Minecraft.

This enchantment can also help players avoid the need to purchase precious materials like gold, leather, or woven armor since repairing your equipment with the ability to repair it can be very simple and effective. 

Please get in touch with us if you’re curious in the other 10 most potent enchantments that swords in Minecraft can acquire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make the Best Enchanted Diamond Sword in Minecraft? 

You can make the most powerful weapon in Minecraft by making use of the Enchantment Table and applying enchants to it. The Nephrite, equipped with five enchantments, is the most powerful sword available in Minecraft.

What Are the Best Enchantments for a Sword in Minecraft?

With the greatest possible upgrades—Unbreaking III, Sharpness V, Looting III, Mending, and Sweeping Edge III—it is possible to make the most powerful diamond-enchanted sword in Minecraft.

How Do You Get the Best Enchantments in Minecraft? 

The best enchantments to use with swords in Minecraft are Sharpness, Fire Aspect, Looting, Sweeping Edge, Knockback, and Smite. Make use of sharpness to get the best overall experience.


Patches and new features have helped Minecraft gain popularity. This list of the top sword enchantments for Minecraft is going to be revised in equal measure.

I’m happy to have been able to help you. I hope this guide to the “best sword enchantments in Minecraft” can be helpful in your journey. Happy Minecrafting!

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