❤️ Bagel Nash Menu Prices UK – What Time Does Bagel Nash Close?

Bagel Nash Menu Prices


Bagel Nash Menu Prices

Are you finding the Bagel Nash Menu with Prices of the UK on the web?

Well, it is pretty hard because just like other food brands Bagel Nash is also not revealed the official Bagel Nash Menu Prices List.

However, you can check its official Bagel Nash Menu on its official site.

Here I have listed all the collected and authenticated data regarding the Bagel Nash Menu Prices UK. Sometimes the data might be varied based on the store location across the UK.

After comparing all the items you can get rid of all the confusion on how to get maximum benefits from offred Bagel Nash Menu Deals.

Even the provided different menu section helps you to choose the best one that suits your pocket and craved.

The first Bagel Nash bagel shop opened in Leeds in 1987.

The bagels are created from unique recipes and offer different flavors like Original, Cheese & Jalapeño, Super Seed, and Multi Fruit.

Bagel Nash bagels take 9 hours to perfect. Original Bagel is baked with olive oil and vegetarian options are also available.

Even there are so many delicious filling choices for individuals with a possible taste.

You can fill your Original Bagel with exciting flavor combinations, both indulgent and healthier options, or keep it simple and let a little butter ooze into your toasted bagel and enjoy.

Bagels are prepared in endless options like cream cheese and smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, as a soup accompaniment, and many more.

Sugary people have choices to apt between bread and butter pudding or warm bagels with banana, hot chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream.

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Bagel Nash Menu and Prices

Bagel Nash Breakfast Menu

Toasted Bagel With a Choice of Butter £1.00 Before 11 am
Toasted Bagel With a Choice of Butter £1.25 After 11 am
Toasted Bagel With a Choice of Peanut Butter £1.50 Before 11 am
Toasted Bagel With a Choice of Peanut Butter £1.95 After 11 am
Hot Crispy Bacon (With or without Cream Cheese) £3.05 Eat Out
Hot Crispy Bacon (With or without Cream Cheese) £3.85 Eat-In
Breakfast Melt (Egg, Bacon, Tomato & Swiss Cheese) £3.95 Eat Out
Breakfast Melt (Egg, Bacon, Tomato & Swiss Cheese) £4.10 Eat-In
Sausage £2.95 Eat Out
Sausage £3.85 Eat-In
Breakfast Bagel Deluxe (Scrambled Egg & Smoked Salmon) £4.00 Eat Out
Breakfast Bagel Deluxe (Scrambled Egg & Smoked Salmon) £4.10 Eat-In
Scrambled Egg £3.05 Eat Out
Scrambled Egg £3.85 Eat-In
Scrambled Egg With (Bacon or Sausage) £3.05 Eat Out
Scrambled Egg With (Bacon or Sausage) £4.05 Eat-In
Toasted Bagel With a Choice of Honey
Toasted Bagel With a Choice of Chocolate Spread
Toasted Bagel With a Choice of Marmite
Toasted Bagel With a Choice of Jam

Deli Bagels

Sweet Chilli Chicken £3.34 Eat Out
Sweet Chilli Chicken £4.01 Eat-In
Greek Special £3.35 Eat Out
Greek Special £4.01 Eat-In
The new Yorker £3.35 Eat Out
The new Yorker £4.01 Eat-In
Falafel & Houmous £3.35 Eat Out
Falafel & Houmous £4.01 Eat-In
Mexican Chicken £3.35 Eat Out
Mexican Chicken £4.01 Eat-In
The Bagel Nash Club £3.34 Eat Out
The Bagel Nash Club £4.01 Eat-In
Crayfish & Avocado £3.35 Eat Out
Crayfish & Avocado £4.01 Eat-In
Smoked Salmon Deluxe £3.35 Eat Out
Smoked Salmon Deluxe £4.01 Eat-In
Mediterranean Veggie Club £3.34 Eat Out
Mediterranean Veggie Club £4.01 Eat-In
Brie and Grape £3.35 Eat Out
Brie and Grape £4.01 Eat-In
Chicken Caesar £3.35 Eat Out
Chicken Caesar £4.01 Eat-In

Bagel Melts

Ham & Swiss £3.99 Eat Out
Ham & Swiss £4.05 Eat-In
Brie and Bacon £3.99 Eat Out
Brie and Bacon £4.05 Eat-In
Tuna Spice £3.99 Eat Out
Tuna Spice £4.05 Eat-In
Mozzarella & Pesto £3.99 Eat Out
Mozzarella & Pesto £4.05 Eat-In
Chicken Club £3.99 Eat Out
Chicken Club £4.05 Eat-In


Blt £3.02 Eat Out
Blt £3.80 Eat-In
Salt Beef or Pastrami £3.02 Eat Out
Salt Beef or Pastrami £3.80 Eat-In
Cream Cheese £2.55 Eat Out
Cream Cheese £3.00 Eat-In
Egg Mayo £3.02 Eat Out
Egg Mayo £3.80 Eat-In
Houmous £3.02 Eat Out
Houmous £3.80 Eat-In
Low-fat Chicken Salad £3.02 Eat Out
Low-fat Chicken Salad £3.80 Eat-In
Tuna Mayo £3.02 Eat Out
Tuna Mayo £3.80 Eat-In
Turkey £3.02 Eat Out
Turkey £3.80 Eat-In
Ham & Swiss £3.02 Eat Out
Ham & Swiss £3.80 Eat-In

Hot Drinks

Tea £1.80 Regular
Tea £1.95 Large
Cappuccino £2.15 Regular
Cappuccino £2.45 Large
Hot Chocolate £2.45 Regular
Hot Chocolate £2.75 Large
Herbal Teas £1.80 Regular
Herbal Teas £1.95 Large
Americano £1.90 Regular
Americano £2.05 Large
Frappe £2.75 Regular
Frappe £2.95 Large
Latte £2.15 Regular
Latte £2.45 Large
Espresso £1.50 Regular
Espresso £1.80 Large
Earl Grey £1.80 Regular
Earl Grey £1.95 Large
Mocha £2.45 Regular
Mocha £2.75 Large

Bagel Nash Near Me


Bagel Nash Customer Service Number

Bagel Nash Official Site – www.bagelnash.com

What time does bagel nash open?

Bagel Nash Hours start at around 7 AM. Though you can cross-check directly from the local branch.

What time does bagel nash close?

Bagel Nash closes after 4.30 PM every day. For more information, you can make a call to the customer service number.


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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How much do bagels cost in the UK?” answer-0=”Bagel Factory Menu Prices – Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese (Classic Bagels) – £5.79, Chicken and Avocado chicken, avocado, lettuce, and mayo – £5.99, Salmon and Avocado salmon, avocado, lemon, and pepper – £5.99, etc.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How much is a bagel?” answer-1=”Bagel Hole Price – $1.80, Black Seed Bagel Price – $3, Bagel Hole Cream Cheese Price (1/2 LB.) – $4.09, Black Seed Bagel Cream Cheese Price (1/2 LB.) – $6, Bagel Hole Weight: Total Bagel – 159 grams, Bagel Hole Weight: Just Cream Cheese – 48 grams, Black Seed Bagel Weight: Total Bagel – 121 grams, and Black Seed Bagel Weight: Just Cream Cheese – 19 grams.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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